Synagogue and library

Thanks God we have had the privilege to establish a synagogue in each of the Chabad houses. We have organized Minyan at Friday night. Mincha – Kabbalas Shabbos – Maariv – Kiddush and meal.

On Saturday morning at 10 o’clock a Minyan starts and is followed by the reading of Torah.

Sometimes we manage to organize Minyan during the week, according to demand.

In the meantime we have a Toraha only in Dharamkot, where Shabbath prayers are done. We are looking for a donator of an additional Torah book for Bagsu.

Naturally, in every Chabad house we have a rich religious library (mainly in Dharamkot) and part of the books are for lending with a deposit.

Here you can pray and study, put Tefilin and be provided with divine inspiration for the rest of your trip.

We also sell books such as the Tania book and book of Jewish meditation “hitbonenut be maase merkava”

Welcome in the name of God!