Rooms for accommodation


With the purpose to create a homely space for the Jewish visitors, we rent nice and cozy rooms in Bagsu and Dharamkot Chabad house.

All the rooms have been renovated with best quality materials, each room has a private bathroom and toilet, some have also a small kitchen.

We have some apartments of 2-3 rooms for families.

Rooms can be reserved in advance, as well as rented on the spot, if available.

In Bagsu Chabad house we have 10 rooms for couples, most of them with a terrace and in addition – 2 small rooms.

In Dharamkot Chabad house we have 2 rooms for couples and one family flat.

Naturally, for families with children being in the Chabad house with its Kosher restaurant and sense of security, it could be a perfect vacation.

We have WIFI internet system in both Chabad houses, for the benefit of our guests.

We are happy to assist you in any aspect.

Come and feel like home.

For information regarding rooms and their availability it is best to contact Rabbi Dror on whatsapp +972547888770