We have been privileged to be able to assist in building strictly Kosher Mikvah structures.

All the Mikvah structures have been built in the most luxurious way. You are invited to enjoy God’s gift.


Mikvah for women

We have had the privilege to build two Mikvah structures for women in Dharamsala!

Mei Menachem” Mikvah is placed in Dharamkot Chabad house.

“Mikveh Shalom” Is placed in Bagsu Chabad house.

Women emissaries are in charge of the Mikvah structures and you should contact them.



Mikvah for men

Mikvah “CHesed Abraham”

With God’s mercy we have built an elegant mikvah for men in Dharamkot Chabad house. It is opened for the bathers by appointment with the emissaries at the location.

The holy public is invited to get purified, physically and spiritually!