Medicine and rescue

Medicine, search and rescue

We came to Dharamsala to learn and to teach…actually we understood quite fast that the Rabbi and the Almighty have additional plans for us.

Even today, no appropriate medical response exists in Dharamsala for different incidents of physical and mental problems.

The Chabad house has always been and will ever be the natural address for anyone who needs medical help or mental support. Thanks God we have had the privilege to be involved in actually rescuing lives of quite a few people in the course of time.

The fact that Rabbi Dror and other members of the staff were combat medics was really helpful even in serious incidents.

We want to emphasize that Chabad house is not the address for treating critical conditions, but thanks to our rich experience, we can direct (refer) to the relevant authorities. In India to direct correctly means rescuing life. Therefore, we recommend to advise us in any medical question in order to reach the right place for receiving appropriate medical care and avoid unnecessary complications.

Above all, please be careful!

A track in the mountains should be made along paved roads, together with other people. 

We witness every year very serious cases of psychosis, caused by using drugs. Especially dangerous for hypersensitive people.

Getting involved with local people on stupid matters may develop into a violent act.

Connection with questionable people may lead to violent robbery and sexual harassment.

Eating in unclean places may end with typhoid and be life threatening.

Allergic people must be especially careful because there is no supervision of food components in India. They should always carry with them the appropriate injection and travel with someone who knows their problem.

Simple medical problems can turn in India into very dangerous if you didn’t get to the right clinic.

 we speak out of experience with incidents that, unfortunately, some of them ended with death.

The Chabad house gives answers to medical problems all the year, all the time.


One of the serious problems in our area is the lack of rescue crews and appropriate ambulances. Treatment takes place actually only after the patient reaches the clinic. Usually it is a private clinic like the one in the city of Kangra, Portis.

Till now rescue operations have taken place on an improvised stretcher or one that belongs to the Chabad house. Time is crucial in saving life, therefore if there is any, even vague, suspicion of a medical problem, it is recommended to turn immediately to the Chabad house to get information of what is the right way to act.

In emergency only you can turn directly to Rabbi Dror’s WhatsApp: +972547888770.

On Saturdays and Holidays there is no telephone answer so you must reach the Chabad house itself.

Chabad house keeps basic first aid kits for public benefit, such as a stretcher, revitalization equipment etc.

We wish you all a happy and healthy journey, physical and spiritual, with God’s help.