A Yeshive for students in the heart of the mountains


A dream comes true! In the heart of a village immersed in green, at the foot of the highest mountains in the world, a rare opportunity has emerged, mainly – to combine the study of the Kabbalah and spirituality with practicing unique technics of meditation and treatment according to the inner light of the Torah.

Many of the graduates of the Kabbalah course feel strongly about continuing and developing by studying and reaching the “Tikun Hanefesh”.

The Yeshive offers accommodation and studies integrated with volunteering in the Chabad House, each one according to his abilities and will. The study programs last between two weeks and two months. They include fascinating and practical courses which are rare to find, if at all, in Israel and abroad. The Yeshiva is strongly connected with hiking and meditating in nature, and during the courses we will go out for one to four days into nature, for wonderful experiences which are a gift for life!

We also put an emphasis on the development of self awerness so as to better understand the character and nature of human beings, as well as directions for “Tikun Hanefesh”. You are warmly invited to a journey in the magnificent inner world!


For more details you can turn to Rabbi Dror for an interview.